Tour of Europe 2013 – Episode 2

Post lunch in France I wasted no time to reach the Alps. I crossed the French – Swiss border near Pontalier where the geography became very quickly…dramatic!

IMG_8124 IMG_8126Typical to Switzerland, everything is ridiculously clean, to a point that is insulting…Why can’t it be like this everywhere else as well?

Random waterfall by the side of the road…


Biking heaven ahead…

IMG_8131 IMG_8130 IMG_8129

Note the warning sign to use common sense…I found it interesting that even with no speed cameras hidden in the bush (a la Australia) and the roads packed with bikers, I saw no-one crash. Most of the time speed is reduced in towns by displaying your actual speed as you approach which instantly makes you put the brakes on…outside towns speed is usually controlled by common sense. Even the pretend racers here know how to ride, and everyone has a great time without worrying about hidden speed cameras…I think this is due to the licensing system in Europe generally teaches responsibility from early on, which prevents stupidity instead of punishing after the fact…

IMG_8144 IMG_8143 IMG_8140 IMG_8139 IMG_8135 IMG_8134 IMG_8133 IMG_8132

It was interesting to see other people’s faces as they arrived to the top of any random mountain pass. They get out of their car / get off their bikes and wonder out mindlessly with an ear to ear smile.


soon I was on God’s racetrack, a.k.a Italy…

IMG_8146 IMG_8145

more about that in Episode 3…

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