About Arpad

Background: Over 15 years of corporate experience in all facets of tech project lifecycle. Background in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Applied Finance but enough about that, this is not my LinkedIn profile. That can be found here.

I was born and, for the most part, grew up in Transylvania, however for the last 25 years my home has been Australia. I love both countries and count myself fortunate to have the opportunity to ride motorcycles both here and in Europe.

It must be the engineer in me I guess, as just about any topic that has two wheels and an engine in it interests me. This pretty much covers riding bikes, riding bikes on twisty roads, riding bikes on tracks, racing bikes…and when I can’t do any of that, tinkering with my bikes, the science and technology of bikes…but not in an obsessive way of course…

Here are some pictures of me in my element… 

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After thousands and thousands of miles on bikes, I have found a world I never thought existed. A world where my day-to-day issues disappear and where I get to enjoy two of my highest rated passions: the outdoors and motorcycling! Over the last 20 years, I have ridden and raced many bikes both on and off-road. I have visited places both within Australia and overseas, places that are nothing short of motorcycling heaven.

Like the surfer searches for the perfect wave or the golfer for that flawless drive, it has become my quest for that perfect ride… Allow me to share my adventures and hopefully get you inspired to turn off the computer and get out there and explore.

Why the name “Twisted Planet”? We, who ride motorcycles, know that riding on a straight bit of road, is like a politically correct joke…its just wrong! After all, freeways were made to get us to work quickly, get us home from work quickly, help us get away from the in-laws but most importantly: to take us to out next fun ride…where the roads are twisty. In fact wouldn’t it be nice if the entire planet was covered with twisty roads? Hence the name: “Twisted Planet”. Welcome to my world!

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5 thoughts on “About Arpad

    • Hey Jaimie, Thanks for the good feedback!
      I am many things to many, including: son, dad, bro, bastard, honey, mate, friend, bastard (again)…However, most people know me, as per my Home Page, as …just Arpad.
      Perhaps I should also update this page…point taken.
      Nice to meet you Biking Broker! 🙂

  1. Hello Arpad,

    I’m an enthusiast like you when it comes to motorbiking and the pleasure of riding away.. The getting lost feeling without actually being lost it’s one of the most amazing experiences and hell, your pics and descriptions show it well.. Well done. Great site but here’s a suggestion:

    How about including a route map of your travels with tags about good sports like where to eat, sleep, hazards, etc.. so others could actually share that same feeling you have been experiencing?

    Another suggestion, a blog where we, readers and followers of your site could post also our travels and pics?

    Just a couple suggestions that I think would work wonders on your site.. which is very well presented in fact!! congrats for that!!


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