Motorcycling Europe – Summer 2011 (Introduction)

I am over the moon today as I figured out how to work iMovie!

This will help me a lot with sharing my helmet cam videos I have taken whilst riding in Europe…2 months, 14,000kms UNFKNBLVBL!!!

Here is a trailer for the upcomming blogs, let me know what you think good or bad [youtube:

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Motorbike Adventure: Mad Dash – Tasmania Ride (Episode 2)

We arrived in Devonport around 6:00am. Once we disembarked, we were greeted with still empty streets (it was Saturday after all) and more importantly blue skies…yeay!!!

blue skies yeay!

Promptly looked for a cafe to have brekkie and gave the boys and the family a wake up call to tell them how wrong their weather forecast was

E.H. phone home

still somewhat weathered from the late night drunken behaviour on the boat… (see Mad Dash Episode1)

I need coffee! Now!!!

we ordered a huge serving of breakfast and double dose of coffee. We needed all the help for the adventure ahead. Words could not express how happy we felt about doing the Mad Dash.

So we stayed tight lipped and communicated with hands and feet

Is nice!

and admired our bikes (but mostly mine)

The K5...getting old but still sporting the nicest arse in the business

that's a beautiful blue, freshly pained for next year's trip to Europe...

straight after loading up with carbs and caffeine we came across this rather dramatic and disturbing image…

remnants of last night's storm

Australia’s supposed to be the driest continent on this planet…did they count Tasmania?

Soon after that thought we started to focus on the task at hand and rode into the distance…

the road into the wild wild South

On the road to nowhere we pulled over frequently to enjoy the scenery

and for a quick prayer to Motorcycle God for the nice weather…

you are Welcome!

as we headed further South, and higher into the mountains, it started to get cold so we pulled over for a stretch…

 or two…

who's da man?

I, instead of acting like a fool, just decided to beat the cold with my wet weather gear, which was…

I hear they shoot people who wear pink in Tassie...

fluoro pink…Out of embarrassment I kept the helmet on…luckily though on the back of the jacket

...and of course my stretching is much more efficient than Eric's

it does say its ‘Race wear” so it does have some coolness about it….look at my bike!

One more shot of Great Lake…

and we were on our way towards Strathgordon Dam. Just before we got to it, we pulled over to check out Lake Pedder…

wow what a view...and the background is not bad either...

however it was too cold to enjoy it as much as it deserved…even a “manhug” didn’t warm us up. It was then that Eric told me that his heated grips are making his hands sweat….


The entire day we rode roads like this:

no idea how fast I took this bend, and luckily there was no uniformed officer there to enlighten we will never know. And I am ok with that...

and like this:

until we got to our destination:

they say ” a picture tells a thousand words” but sometimes a small video does a pretty good job as well…[youtube:

As the evening drew in, we realised that we had nowhere to sleep and were about 70km from the nearest house…fuck!

To make things worse, one of us was running low on fuel and it wasn’t the Suzuki…

We managed to stagger into New Norfolk and came across an old pub with available rooms and open kitchen. One we checked in, and neatly packed our gear away,

the honeymoon suite...

we headed down for dinner and to check out the night life…

Stay tuned for Mad Dash Episode 3 to find out about: Tasmanian hospitality, will we make it back in one piece or will they find the pink riding gear and use us for target practice? Eric’s has a religious moment and we find some seriously twisted roads on the way back to Devonport…

Motorbike Adventure: Mad Dash – Tasmania Ride (Episode 1)


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